An open room with chat and video for the continued class:

I’m sad that the class is ending, I’m going to recommend that anyone who wants can use this room I made for us for free video conferencing:
Perhaps we can meet Sunday during class time to continue our reflection. Anyone in?

Feel free to join there, you can click on the tables to join them.
The tables are named by discussions, feel free to double click on them to move from table to table. We have tables for men and women, tables for surat yusuf, tables for thikr, tables for fikr, and more. Let me know if you’d like to have another table!

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It’s a good idea, I’m in!
I believe that together we are stronger to overcome the four enemies. This journey has just started; it’s a long journey towards purification and needs a lot of Sabr and Musabara. May Allah help us, guide us and lighten our path with His lights of wisdom SWT.
" رب السماوات و الأرض و ما بينهما فاعبده و اصطبر لعبادته هل تعلم له سمياً"