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In the first class recording…apart from Cicely Tyson mention…The image of Queen Tiya actually reminds me of Viola Davis.


ASA - will other class recordings be posted? JZK


I am waiting too for lesson 4

Asaalamu Aleikum, curious on when video 4 will be posted? My family and I are truly enjoying the information presented. Thank you.

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Walikum Alsalam Br.
Did you check under Program Resources?

1 Like This is under a different category which is for people who have registered for the class, let me know if you’re registered and have access to the link :slight_smile:

Yes. I registered for the class.

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Great, you should have access :slight_smile:

Yes. I have it now. Jazak Allah Khair!

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Walikum Alsalam Br.Bilal,

I am registered into the invisible Muslim Course through the New Horizon School. My apology if I caused confusion.


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No worries, thank you 1000x for helping!

As salaam alaikum,

How do we access the supplemental readings for each class that Br. Ware mentioned in the first video? He also mentioned that readings would be sent by email attachment. How can I receive the email attachments and other readings?

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Wa aleikom assalaam,
I was wondering the same.
Here you can find the first chapter of the Walking Quran, maybe this is the reading he was referring to?
Anyhow there are many books that were mentioned throughout the classes I wonder if there is a bibliography or if we have to do it.
@bilal maybe you can help?

Thanks and salaam

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Please I got a scholarship to inks of the scholars. how do I access the resources?

Wa aleikom assalaam!
Which program did you get a scholarship for?
Maybe it didn’t start yet…

I got scholarship for the invincible Muslims. It has already started.

Oh, I see. Then the program is over!
But you can still find all the registrations here:

And here you can find different resources

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As salaam alaykum, Dr. Bilal,

I noticed our vimeo links (with the recordings) seem to have expired? Has our access to the recordings been discontinued?
I was sincerely enjoying listening to them over and over again.