Story telling to inspire system change


I’ve taken a bit of time to capture and cluster some ideas, observations & thoughts shared in conversations I had with people in my different networks in the past days. They revolve around making sense of and capturing what is happening but also round how we could use the potential within this crisis.

  • How can we answer to it in the best way possible?
  • What are the responses we want to nourish?
  • What are the learnings we take?
  • How can we strengthen solidarity & creativity instead of fear mongering and nationalism?
  • How can we make sure we don’t go back to business as usual after we have weathered this storm?

How can we create the narratives that can inspire individuals, communities and organisations to shift perspectives and work on sustainable system change?

It’s still a bit rough but I’m curious to hear what that brings up in you, if you have better ideas on how to structure those thoughts or how they relate to your current thinking.

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