Sewable Mask Information and Patterns

"It seems every sewist is coming up with their own version of homemade fabric barrier masks. I don’t want to add to the din, but a lot of research, reflecting on the issue, and experimenting on my own has led me to believe the popular hospital-adopted pattern could use some improvement for home/civilian use.

The focus of this design is quick manufacturability, along with features that my research has shown to be critical. I will absolutely NOT be donating these to hospitals, and I ask you not to: I’d be happy to explain why (or you can read any of my rants from the past two days…). Feel free to ask if you’re confused about the directions or have questions about the design.

OBVIOUS FACT ZONE/DISCLAIMER: This barrier mask is not medical-grade Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): even with filter material inserted, these barrier masks are not as effective as stopping the spread of COVID-19 as surgical or N95 masks (see CDC Guidelines). Also, masks need to be frequently changed and washed at high temperatures to prevent bacterial growth. This design is NOT approved by any medical professional, and is NOT meant for hospital donation. If you wish to donate to a medical facility, CONTACT THAT FACILITY and make masks according to their specifications.

Please feel free to share, but please be as careful to provide appropriate disclaimers as I have been in these posts."