Region Specific, Africa Response to COVID-19

Resources, ideas, and guidelines around the COVID19 pandemic

What works in other parts of the world might not work in Africa.

Let us build a region-specific resource kit.

Please add comments, suggestions, questions to this doc. They will be integrated and sorted on the go.

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Online 2

Offline mitigation strategies 3

What you can do 3

Researchers 3

Makerspaces 3

Citizens 3

Relevant resources 4

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Infographics 4

Research labs 5

Software & Code 5

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Affected African countries - map provided by WHO:



Ensure that #internet providers can keep up and improve their services - #Connectivity is already affected. >>

Offline mitigation strategies

  • Ask relatives, friends, and neighbors if they need help with anything
  • Safety first - keep your physical distance (2-3 meters)
  • Buy/collect vegetable and crop seeds
  • Plant if you have a plot of land


Ask any question you might have

Report on specific challenges you are experiencing or have observed or heard about

  • How do you self-isolate in a squatter camp / slum / shanty town?
    • What affordable and feasible hygiene measures can people apply?
    • What tips and best practices can be suggested?
  • How can you deliver resources to self-isolating individuals if there is poor road infrastructure and no stable delivery mechanisms?
  • Who do you reach out to for reliable information and advice?

Country responses

  • Add link to spreadsheet
  • Collect relevant documents per country on github
  • Resources and info that is country specific
  • Translate into local languages

What you can do


  • Submit any COVID-19 relevant research and information toi AfricArXiv as a text document (preprint, postprint), presentation (PDF, PPT), infographics (PNG, PDF)
  • Make lists of available research equipment that might be needed to support authorities



  • Ask questions: what do you need to know?
  • What resources and information would you like to get?

Relevant resources

Africa-specific and globally relevant

! Please note that any information collected at this early stage of investigations has not been quality-checked or otherwise reviewed for accuracy.

Need to coordinate this; ideas?

Africa-specific Globally relevant and applicable in Africa




  • collection of infographics on hygiene measures to avoid infection
    • provided by graphic designers and scientists
    • Collect here examples

Research labs

  • provide a platform where Research labs can volunteer to run PCR screenings on COVID19 DNA/RNA samples to investigate for mutants and derivatives
  • Coronavirus ‘rapid test kits’ to be made in Senegal - BBC News

Software & Code

  • makerspaces, coding communities and innovation hubs on the continent to design immediate response hardware and software

Translations into regional languages

  • Translate all collected information from and to English/French / Arabic / Swahili / Yoruba / … infographics for illiterate ppl, those that speak local languages and kids

Survey (Google Form)

To collect information from scientists, makerspaces, coding communities

  • Make that information immediately available to the public (Google Spreadsheet, open for comments)
  • Things to ask
    • Org name
    • Contact email
    • Twitter, Facebook, ORCID, other social accounts
    • Skills
    • Comment section


License: CC-BY 4.0: COVID19-Africa-Response-Alliance

Contributing individuals and organisations

Names of organisations and individuals - if you want to be cited/tagged

Your name or that of your organisation


(Feel free to add yours)