Dolphins return to Italy and clear Venice canals as humans self-isolate

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As Italy enters the second week of lockdown, dolphins and swans seen swimming in Venice

As the deadly coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world and more and more countries contemplate lockdowns, Italy which is now in its second week has witnessed something that hasn’t been seen in years: Dolphins in the canals of Venice and stark, clear waters. The usually packed city of Venice is now eerily quiet as life has come to a standstill.

Italy is facing the largest coronavirus outbreak outside of China, with nearly 30,000 illnesses and 2,100 deaths reported so far. While the virus has devastated communities, here’s looking at the silver lining. Because of the slowdown, the animals are taking over the cities and reclaiming the space previously occupied by humans.

These dolphins were spotted swimming by the port of Cagliari, which is the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia.

Venice canals had clear, clear water and full of fishes.✨🔭@ThespaceAcad

After a week of lockdown… The canals in Venice are all clear and full of fishes. Kinda gives you the idea what will happen to Earth without Humans!

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2:27 PM - Mar 17, 2020

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because people keep trying to mansplain venice to me here’s your fact check:

  • i currently live in venice. i am in venice right now
  • the water looks so clean both because all the mud usually floating around due to boat traffic has settled at the bottom, and because of reduced -— dorochu (@yagefudo) March 17, 2020

Gianluca De Santis@b8taFPS

Venice hasn’t seen clear canal water in a very long time. Dolphins showing up too. Nature just hit the reset button on us

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11:37 AM - Mar 17, 2020

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…?? ㅠ_ㅠ@fiIterjm

since there’s no boat’s traffic in venice’s canals, white swans came back 😭 this is precious

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12:42 AM - Mar 14, 2020

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In early March, Italian Prime Minister Conte signed the decree called “Io Sto a Casa” [I Stay at Home], which forbids Italians to leave their home except for work, health and emergency reasons.

The popular tourist destination is also seeing a drop in air pollution. Satellite imagery by the European Space Agency shows a clear drop in nitrogen dioxide from early January, particularly in the north where restrictions were imposed in March.

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