Check in Next Sunday?

Salaam! Not sure if this is the right place to post this but a few of us were discussing meeting up next Sunday during the time we normally had class. We were thinking it could be an informal gathering to collect our thoughts about the class and share what we found most meaningful/what we connected most with, and how we can best put what we learned into practice. This way we can all learn from each other and continue to imbibe what we’ve learned so far insha’Allah.

We had also considered watching The Matrix but perhaps that can be pushed to after the blessed days of Hajj that are about to be upon us. :slight_smile:


I’m totally down for this Sunday. We can also have a notes progressive summarization day:

Essentially we will to take all the notes and create a 1 page document from each 4 classes. We could split up into teams of four in the rooms and work on distilling the fundamentals into a document that is like gold.

Also started a Feedback form to see who’s interested in following up @frazvi @Ugbad_Hassan @Aneesa @Abdulrahman @Aishagd @muna93 @deodato

Curious if you have any ideas for questions that might be good to add to learn from each other.

Also, for Sunday, shall we block off the same time?

  • Same time
  • New time!

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It’s an impressive technique!
I’ve been using the first three methods earlier in my work without knowing about it! It’s really helpful!
For the new time, I suggest Saturdays or Sundays afternoon! 3-5 pm.
Any other suggestions?

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I’m down for today! @Ugbad_Hassan, is that 3-5 pm Eastern Time?

I’m available anytime that works for everyone, except 2 to 3 pm Central Time.


I made this form that Dr. Bilal will be sharing with everyone today.

Insha’allah it will help us coordinate better with everyone. We can send a doodle for everyone that responds that they want to follow up and make sure it’s in people’s calendars. Thanks for everyone for showing interest, miss the group energy already :slight_smile:
@frazvi @Ugbad_Hassan

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My apologies, I forgot to specify the time zone. It’s Mountain time.
I’m available on Sundays, any time between 2-5 pm MT.

Awesome! Well, I’m down for whatever you all decide on :slight_smile:

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Next Sunday is the 3rd day of Eid (In Sha Allah). If you all are not available on Aug. 2nd, then maybe we can reschedule for the following week, Aug 09th.
I’m available on both. Please confirm the final timing.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@frazvi @bilal

Good point! August 9th would probably be better. Shall we set the time for 2 pm MT on August 9th, then? @bilal, I think you have the biggest time difference here, will that work for you?


I’m down for Aug 9th, will this be on zoom?

From the Movie the Matrix - A summary of Laillahaillallah


Another one… :slightly_smiling_face:
belief bends the matrix

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Nice! Can we please set a time to watch The Matrix? I’ve seen it all of one time something like forever ago, and I’d love to rewatch it through this new lens. I’m going to refrain from watching the videos you sent, Ruby, till I get to rewatch it. :slight_smile:

Either way, I think we decided on Sunday, August 9th, 2 pm Mountain Time (4 EST, 3 CST)?


Salaam, will we meet on zoom? I have an account if needed.

Homework watch the Matrix before Sunday?

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That’s an excellent idea! Sounds super fun if you all are down for it. Watch The Matrix and come prepared to discuss it on Sunday.

Last time we met through the platform that @bilal set up here, but I’m down for Zoom as well. Whatever works for most people.

Asalaamu alaikum!
Looking forward to meeting today @frazi did you get the opportunity to watch the Matrix? :blush:

Wa alaykum assalaam, looking forward to meeting you as well! I have not had a chance to watch The Matrix though!

I also may not make it till 2:30 central time, just a heads up. Did we figure out what platform we’ll be meeting on?

Salaam. Im not sure of the meeting…

Salaam everyone! Has the meeting been canceled?

Salaam! Unfortunately I’m still in a meeting and won’t be able to join for at least another 30 minutes :frowning: I’m not sure what platform we’re logging in on either. Does anyone have suggestions?